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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

110 Indians who got safely pulled out of Sint Maarten, got 'Irma'

At least 110 Indian and Indian origin people have been safely evacuated from cyclonic storm 'Irma' affected Caribbean island Sint Maarten and from a special vehicle to other islands in Curacao. On this occasion, Indian Ambassador to Venezuela Rahul Srivastava was also present along with the whole group. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar tweeted this information. Many photos also share  Significantly, Sint Maarten, who was jointly administered by France and the Netherlands, was on the way to 'Irma' and the storm struck heavy snowfall last week. In addition to Indians from Sint Maarten, a large number of others have been removed.

                                                    'इरमा' की चपेट में आए सिंट मार्टेन से सुरक्षित निकाले गए 110 भारतीय

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