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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sanjay Dutt film 'Bhoomi' is being released on September 22

Sanjay Dutt is in the news about his new movie 'Land' ... ..... His film 'Bhoomi' is being released on September 22 ........ Sanjay himself has told many of these bad times on several occasions himself. He told in an interview that when father Sunil Dutt had taken him to the American doctors for treatment How was the doctor surprised by seeing them ... Sanjay Dutt says that I have been addicted to drugs for nearly 12 years. During that time there is no such drug in the world that I have not taken. When my father took it to the American doctors to get rid of it, the doctor gave me a long list of drugs, which I had to take drugs I had to tick it over. At that time, I ticked everything. After this the doctors were shocked. Then he told my father what kind of food you eat in India. After taking all these drugs, how are we still alive?

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