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शनिवार, नवंबर 11, 2017

The makers of Padmavati have now made a decision

The makers of Padmavati have now made a decision, after knowing about who will be happy after all the protesters ... Makers has decided that they are ready to show Padmavati to all such people, who There is a doubt on the content of this, but for that the film will have to wait till the censor certificate is received ... In all the cities including Rajasthan, the Rajput organization Padmavati, Padmavati, the Empress Padmini and Alaud Due to Green expected to show an affair between Khilji are trying to release its block. Political parties have also leaked the issue, which has deepened the crisis on the release. Looking at the growing opposition, the makers have changed their strategy and softened the stance. "We are showing the film to the CBFC, following the rasmo-ryabas of the industry. Once the censor certificate is available, then we have no objection to showing any film to end the fears of the film ...

                                     Deepika Padukone

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