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मंगलवार, मार्च 27, 2018

China's company Shaoomi will no longer sell phones on cash on delivery.

Shomomi Industries, a company offering smartphones with more features at low cost, has increased the competitiveness of cheap smartphones in the market.The demand for the products of this company is so high that it is difficult to fulfill ... ..Company has now shut down cash on delivery facility to stop black marketing of its products ... 57 percent of Shyomi India business is online and Within a few minutes of the sale sale, the entire stock was exhausted .... The company says that by removing the option of cash on delivery, black marketing of the phone will be discontinued and the common people will be able to book the phone easily in the flash cell. .

                                                 Xiaomi Flash Sale में फोन बुक करना हुआ आसान, जानें...!      

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