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मंगलवार, अप्रैल 24, 2018

How does rigging in online exams -------

How does rigging in online exams -------

Today we will talk about rigging on-line exams ... When the rigging began to take place in the offline examination then the online test was started. Online examination started to give the students feeling of satisfaction ... In the same way, students who come from the village to the city and read it ... started working hard day and on the hope that one day will bring hard work and get jobs ... ..... but students do not know the reality

r dj .... .... When the offline examination was conducted, it would have been rigged but it would have been less because it had everything to be done by the government teacher and the principal ------- There were no adversities on the government job, so the teachers were scared. ... but some teachers are indulging in it. When the paper opens at the center, the relevant department officials are there. In the presence of Principal and some teachers, the set of question paper was open and due to this the rigidity would be low ...........................
                                           Now we will talk about online exams ...... Online exams are working on the lines of purely privatization ..... Scope of rigging has increased due to offline ... because everything is private It has happened and all the private workmen got involved in rigging ... because the person doing the job is not afraid of the job ... and when the matter goes to the police, take money and press Is given because in The big officers and the Khadi people are involved ... .. In fact, the online examination is given to SSC and Railway Ceifi Company and the banking examination is done to TCS Company ......... ........


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