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शुक्रवार, अप्रैल 27, 2018

Mahindra launches new XUV500

Mahindra has launched a new variant of its SUV.. XUV500. The initial price 12.32 lakh rupees.. The range of the new Mahindra XUV500 goes up from Rs 12.32 lakh to Rs 17.88 lakh. The Indian Passenger Vehicle Market has a flagship product of XUV500M. This is Mahindra's first global standard SUV. The old XUV500 is in the market for nearly three years and the price range of this SUV in Delhi was between 12.78 lakh and 17.86 lakh rupees. Various types of cosmetic changes have been made in the new XUV500. The new Mahindra XUV500 will be more premium than ever. The new XUV500 will be available in seven colors.


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