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बुधवार, मई 09, 2018

Deals Between Walmart-Flipkart

Deal between the country's e-commerce website Flipkart and Walmart, the world's largest retailer. It has been confirmed by SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Sun.  Earlier, there was a possibility that the acquisition agreement between Wal-Mart and Flipkart would soon be possible. The deal is about $ 15 billion. Wal-Mart is talking about buying about 70 percent stake in Indian company. Flipkart and Amazon are currently in control of the $ 30 billion e-commerce market.


The deal was being said that Japan's Softbank Group Corp and Tiger Global Management will sell their 20-20% stake in Flipkart. The value of Indian company can be valued at around $ 20 billion. The researcher CB Insights told Flipkart's value last year about $ 12 billion. This deal will help Walmart to keep its foothold in the retail online market in India and he will want to compete with Amazon. However, Softbank spokesman said that he will not comment on the discussions and speculations.

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