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सोमवार, मई 07, 2018

Speech on Namaz's controversy at the open place BJP

Between the controversy over praying at the open place, the Bharatiya Janata Party today clarified that the Modi government works on the basis of everyone's development, the development and the spirit of totalitarianism, and no such thing should be done, Scatter and collision can be created. Senior spokesman of the BJP Syed Shahnawaz Hussain said, "Nobody is stopping anyone from praying Namaz and if any religious place is organized in a public place or on the road then the administration is informed about this. "He said that the Haryana Chief Minister's statement has been tampered with, and he has clarified it later.
खुली जगह पर नमाज के विवाद पर बोली भाजपा, मोदी सरकार सर्वधर्म समभाव के आधार पर काम करती है    Hussein said, "Our government sees everyone with equal vision, does not look at different specs". He said that even if Ramlila or Dussehra is organized at the public site, the administration is also informed. . It is the responsibility of everyone to maintain peace in society and there should not be any such thing which can lead to confrontation

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