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बुधवार, मई 02, 2018

When a spe procession came out, someone threw a waved pistol and dream choudhary.

Katihar SP Siddhartha Mohan Jain's case is still not there that the events of Munger and Vaishali's SP were coming out, in the joy of transfer, the celebration of SP sahib was happening; --- Munger SP Ashish Bharti singer Sapna Chaudhary Fingered at the song of Mrs Thamke So, in the Vaishali, the double happiness money of the SP sir - on one side where there was a farewell ceremony, the anniversary party on the other side. So it was so shameful to get a procession ... Videos and photos of both the places are viral fast --- Munger SP Ashish Bharti has been made the SSP of Bhagalpur - it is said that he is very enthusiastic about the transfer - a program was also organized to give him a farewell to Munger- the car In the yard, wearing them flowers, took them to the house - from the Dargah to Ardli on the way. They came to see ... They fluttered on the song of Sapna Chaudhary and their companions also gave them their full support in this zeal- - The transfer of Vishal SP Rakesh Kumar has been made on the post of SP in Saharsa district - farewell ceremony was organized in Hajipur - in the farewell ceremony, his wife was accompanied by SP Yankee also attended the program, the enthusiasm came when Rakesh Kumar disclosed his marriage anniversary the anniversary of his marriage on the same day during the farewell ceremony - then what was the procession was the lajima ... Now, the question arises as to whether such farewell function and open firing for IPS and IAS ...


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